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Why Vinyl Flooring Is Suitable For Luxury Homes

Many people mistakenly think that vinyl is only suitable for low budget projects. While it is true that there are many low cost vinyl flooring options on the market, there are also a bunch of more luxurious products to choose from. Most people are familiar with the vinyl flooring products that are sold at home improvement store. These are the cheapest, easiest to install and most commonly used. Many people are surprised that there are so many other options to choose from. Read More 

Interior Design Tips For Your Bedroom

Those beautiful bedroom photos you see all the time online and in magazines with all of the throw pillows, the textured blankets, and all-around gorgeousness isn't out of your reach for your own home. Yes, you can have that beautiful bedroom, too. You simply need a few different textures, throw pillows of different sizes, and a few extra elements. See below for tips on how to design your bedroom like a pro. Read More 

4 Granite Counter Misconceptions You Should Know About

Although granite countertops are well known for their beauty, there are several misconceptions that abound. If you've imagined putting granite counters in your kitchen, but you hesitate due to things you've heard, it's time to clear things up. Here's a look at some of the most common falsehoods shared about granite counters and the facts that you should know. The Polish Wears Off While many people think that the shiny, glass-like finish of granite counters is created by applying a liquid polish or something similar, that isn't the case. Read More 

Wood, Tiles, Carpet, Oh My!

It is a big decision to make when choosing between wood, tile, or carpet to put on your floors, whether you are building a home or you want to replace a floor. This article will give suggestions about when to use which and provide pros and cons to using wood or tile or carpet. Wood Flooring is Best For... Wood flooring has a wide variety of color and durability depending on the type of wood. Read More 

Four Advantages Of Small Format Tiles Over Large Format Tiles For Your Bathroom Remodel

When remodeling your bathroom, one of the first decisions you will usually make is whether to use small tiles or large tiles. In general, small tiles are usually a matter of one to two inches in size, while large format tiles can exceed two feet. While large format tiles may initially seem easier, small tiles are preferable in many ways. 1. Small Tiles Fit Small Spaces Large format tiles usually need to be cut into rather intricate shapes to fit around bathroom fixtures and within the bathroom itself. Read More